cardinal direction


The physics of sautering,
separated by quarters on the circunference of the axis,
walking as research,
observation as a territory,

immersed in the landscape,
immersive walks in this area, diametrically different,
footpaths that start in opposite directions,

hours and hours, welcoming the wild,
opposite sides of the point,

crossing streets; the cardinal directions,
curious moments found along the route,

the images are intentionally simple,
while walking, a collection of memories is generated,
direction and bearing,

the road is taken,
limit accuracy,

to the discovery and the experience of urban space,
the visited places through the act of walking,
the cardinal points are up and down,

conversely, no matter the location of the viewer,
it is always the same and different,
the cardinal directions are the foundation of a structure to find places in nowhere,

it finds true north, and so, it finds it does not exist,
all the stars appear to lie on the imaginary celestial sphere,
there is no polaris, there is no southern cross,
the landscape that can be found when wandering,

the relation between subjet and enviromment,
the unknow or undefined nature,
the related capacity of influencing each other,
always on foot.


Artist-in-Residence by Kunsthalle Below -