Kekse als Selbstbefragung - Biscuits as self-questioning







Installation: 300 envelopes with cards and fortune biscuits to take away.

Exhibited by Leistungen zu erbringen, die größer sind als man selbst - Ida Dehmel
Galerie Gedok Berlin
group exhibition
with Roselyne Barone-Mahn, Maiko Date, Gabriele Nockers, Karina Pospiech, Linda Scheckel, Angelika Schneider von Maydell and Jenny Schon
Curated by Bärbel Kirchhoff

The doing, the drive, the constancy, the destiny, the purpose, the common participation, the trustworthiness, the living together, the joy.
The 300 envelopes arranged here on the green carpet each contain a question (dout of a total of 40) and fortune cookies, wich visitors can take with them.
How do they react? what triggers the self-questioning when it comes to chances, luck, age, flexibility, discipline and dreams?
If it does not lead a result, the cookie can be questioned with confidence.

Bärbel Kirchoff



Thanks to Irma Leinauer, Paola Telesca, Florencia Young, Constanze Reuter,
Silvina Derme, Francesca La Vigna, Gudrun Ingratubun, Alejandra Tomei, Sergio Villa,
Celia Mehnert, Martin Szymanski, Alejandra Lopez, Pipa Räfle, Max and Miriam Mora.