In einem kontinuierlichem Rätsel - In a continous riddle, a library and a greenhouse

Installation: metal shelf 105x80x160cm, 73 books, carpet 200x160cm, greenhaus 143x143x145 cm and 300 envelopes with a poem to take away.

Exhibited by Zeit, Ort, Raum, eine künstlerische Archäologie
Galerie Historischer Keller Berlin
group exhibition
with Cecile Belmont, Eleni Papaioannou and Birgit Szepanski
Curated by Ralf Hartmann

A shelf, books that speak about the importance of nature, and photos;
essential remains of our society: they live in a library. In a continuous context,
a greenhouse with seeds; an assemblage. A time horizon without concrete time.
Everyday objects. Nature and anthropology. A riddle.

People recognize each other primarily through their objects and artefacts
and thus feel coherent with their time. Human, plant and animal nature.
An investigation of the visual representation of nature; the idea of nature;
nature as a process; nature and its representation; our nature; experimental archaeology.
Texts, both current and more than 500 year old books; seeds worth sowing;
photographs of forests that are growing or about to be cleared and destroyed.

A library and a greenhouse, where not only scientific knowledge about nature and anthropology
is presented to a wide audience, but also a library and a greenhouse that opens new perspectives as an 'archive'.





Thanks to Birgit , Eleni, Cecile, Jens Ole Rey, Irma Leinauer, Malen Zapata,
Silvina Derme, Oliver Neus, Carla Bertone, Mariana Amengual and Stefanie Van Velden.