Clematis vitalba and pigment oh graph paper
edition: 1 bis 45
each 20 x 30 cm



the nature
the fundamental nature
in the solid state

but the transition has a variable degree of effects
like the inward nature of anything in our interior
hormonal balance

in virtue of which something is called by its name
that which makes some thing what it is; intrinsic

the unchanging and unchangeable nature
a perfect or complete fof of something
which is necesary to its being the thing
it is who we are

is part of the nature
that it´s still
and it´s ending
the last season

mdc 2012

Exhibited in

tête Galerie
"im festen Zustand, Kern, mattgrau"
with Celina Gonzalez Sueyro and Catharina Föster
Curated by Andrea Huyoff
Foto: Andrea Huyoff

Berlin 2012

Atelierhaus R20
"Pitincitio & Kern"
with Duna Dietzche
Foto: Ruben Gonzalez
Berlin 2012