Eine Regung in der Luft & Farbpalette


farbe farbe farbe farbe
  • Photography:
  • 3 x 4 prints: 29,7 × 42 cm
    110 film - analogue print
    Site specific - variable measures
  • Exhibited in:
  • Colosseum (Kino)
  • Group Exhibition
    Curated by: Franziska Harnisch & Canberk Akcal
    Berlin 2023
    Photofestival Emop Gedok Berlin
    Group Exhibition
    Photo: Paola Telesca
    Berlin 2023
    K41 Kunsthalle Lindenthal
    Group Exhibition
    Curated by: Margarita Grullon & Nurcan Süelden
    with: Antje Krawietz, Claudia Köhler, Leo Löhr, Patrizia Sinn, Elizabeth Stephan, Frauke Seemann, Heidi Laufenberg, Irena Paskali, u.a.
    Köln 2023
    Group Exhibition & Wanderausstellung
    Curated by: Steff Adams
    with Bellwinkel Wolfgang, Mitamura Midori, Ralf Witthaus, Simone Mack, Anett Frey, Achim Mohne, u.a.
    Heildelberg 2020 & Ostende 2023

Hilma af Klingt, Newton, Klee, Wassily Kandinsky, Goethe, Mondrian, Itten, Matisse, Turner, or Malevich.
The theory of color, color perception, color psychology, or the study of color media. Color is a sensory impression mediated by the eye and the brain, caused by light, and color perception is a subjective sensation. Color evokes emotions. Color evokes associations, that is, usually memories. For that, color must touch an object. The process of seeing color and the shape of an object is characterized by the brain connecting a sensory impression with an associated memory. Color can activate past experiences on an emotional level. Haptic perception and tactile perception. The sense of touch system is based on visuality. It resides within our bodies, on photographic paper, within our past.

farbe farbe farbe farbe farbe farbe farbe