MUTATIS MUTANDIS, with changed things that are to be changed


Mutatis Mutandis Mutatis Mutandis Mutatis Mutandis Mutatis Mutandis Mutatis Mutandis Mutatis Mutandis
  • Installation:
  • all the colours:
    table, blanket, candy, charcoal, cloth, compass, duck, eraser, plectrum, leaves, magnifying glass, pick, plasticine, seed, table
    200 x 70 x 80 cm
    to unhook:
    hanger, ladder, tree trunk
    200 x 40 cm
    the radiation of the landscape:
    piano keyboard, acrylic paint, birhouse
    120 x 60 cm
  • Group exhibition
  • Exhibited in:
  • Kunstpavillon Flachbau
  • With Daniel Baden, Christian Badel, Marion Berg, Marie-Ulrike Callenius, Paola Telesca, Sergio & Celia, Christel Gl├╝ck, Simone Ommert, Raimund Schucht, Beate Tischer, Thomas Wolf u.a.
  • Berlin 2023
  • Photo: Ralph Bergel
  • Studio im Hochhaus
  • Curated by Uwe Jonas and Leo de Munk
  • Berlin 2023

One puts this and that side by side,
and something happens;
and one adds a third thing,
and a theme emerges,
a story,
and we're always looking for a way to decipher it.
One just has to read.
The connection is possible,
it can be not only seen but also heard.
only light waves of low intensity are perceived in the visible spectrum.
Only what is hidden is recognized.
The end usually represents a new beginning.
That's how it is with all elements.
As John used to said,
Tomorrow Never Knows.