ÖkoKörnerBüro ÖkoKörnerBüro ÖkoKörnerBüro ÖkoKörnerBüro ÖkoKörnerBüro ÖkoKörnerBüro
  • Installation:
  • postcard stand, Poster stand, carpet, chairs, tablecloth, plate, 750 Gingko seeds, stamp, 250 folding card, 250 envelopes
  • Performance im Rahmen der Ausstellung
  • Materie und Zeit - Deeply rooted - Nature as an Archive and Medium of Memories von Der-Meguerditchian and Schönberger
  • Galerie im Körnerpark: Schierker Str. 8 12051 Berlin
  • Berlin 2022
  • Photo & Video: Telesca, Hammerschlag, Emgy & Jetmiridrizi

The attempt to take greater account of human relations and ecology is one of the many motivations for this performative art action. In front of the gallery, an office with "green surprises" awaits visitors and residents. Everything in the public space is waiting to be changed or to "sprout".

The ÖkoKörnerBüro is a participatory project that aims to strengthen democratic processes in urban space and consciously intervene in social processes by giving away letters and seeds. Impulses for improving social interaction and processes of change are to be initiated. In this project, art is used in public space to promote and shape the social fabric of the city.

Ginkgo: One of the most famous ginkgo trees is the ginkgo that stands by a temple in Hiroshima. At the end of the Second World War, in August 1945, the Americans dropped an atomic bomb on Hiroshima and Nagasaki, killing countless people and completely destroying the area - except for this tree. Destroyed the area - except for this tree. The plants and trees in the immediate vicinity of the drop site were completely incinerated and all nature was wiped out. The ginkgo, which stood next to a temple about a kilometre from the blast centre, though it too suffered fire damage, blossomed again in tender green the following year. It is still thriving today. Thus, this ginkgo became a tree of destiny and a symbol of the will to survive and a memorial against war. It stands as a symbol for memorial, environmental protection and peace in the world.

Greenery Team: Julia Iglesias, Julieta Ortiz Latierro, Paola Telesca & Di Como


Julia Musikzeit: Das ÖkoKörnerBüro

Julia Musikzeit